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The SamSara Method has demonstrated its high level of efficacy in finding a partner. We have helped thousands of people to meet and begin a good relationship. Read a few client testimonials:

Sandra’s testimony
Jordi’s testimony

If you really want a relationship, don’t hesitate to take the first step.

We arrived here separately and are now filled with happiness.


I have found the love of my life thanks to the SamSara Agency.


We went to SamSara because we had a very clear idea of what we wanted: to be sure we could trust the person we were going to meet and that they wouldn’t deceive us in any way.

We were looking for commitment, professionalism and confidentiality, instead of the typical formulas of online dating or singles groups.  


I have to tell you some very good news.

They tell me this a month ago and I can’t believe it: Claudia and I want to continue seeing each other, we are happy with each other, our philosophy is similar and our life plans are compatible.

We are excited and, as they say, I’m having a blast! We have had our third date now: we had lunch together, then we went for a drink, we talked a lot … I’m thrilled.

What more can I say!  


You introduced us more than five months ago and from the first moment, we knew we had found the person we were hoping for.

Life has completely changed and we are very happy, we have a wedding date set for this year. We really liked your professional way of working and we want to thank you for making it possible for us to meet. We are very happy and very grateful.

Thank you, because your work changes people’s lives.


I’ve met the man I had always dreamed of: Ernest!

Am I in love? I don’t know… but everything has changed and my life has more meaning now… I really want to know him better… and I’ve got a good feeling about him, because he is a man full of values and humanity and his affection fills me with joy.

Thank you from the heart for your magic that has made it possible to turn a dream into reality! A big hug to the whole team!


After a year and a half of meeting with women through various means, I realized that these ways of meeting people were impersonal, opportunistic.

In some cases I even felt like the “date du jour”. One day I had an epiphany and thought, why not hire the services of professionals with experience in these matters?

I can say that SamSara has helped me find “HAPPINESS”.


I hope my testimonial will encourage other people to decide to meet you.

You are really very professional, very discreet and very friendly.


At SamSara I was given exquisite treatment and I was able to find the woman who today is my partner.

I recommend SamSara because, apart from the treatment I received, they are a professional and serious agency.


Both Marta and I have to thank you for introducing us. We started going out a little more than 5 months ago.

Our relationship is well established and now all we’re missing is the wedding date (this year and in the Church).


I found my soulmate through SamSara, after various failed relationships.

I recommend SamSara because they know how to match people


Domingo and I want to thank you for your interest in our daily lives.

Our relationship keeps moving forward; we thank you for the fact that we met through SamSara..


A family member encouraged me to contact SamSara, since he had found a partner thanks to you.

The introductions began and stopped at the third one, because that was when I met the woman who is now my long-term partner. I am very happy and grateful for the seriousness and professionalism of the SamSara team.


Thanks to SamSara I have met some great people and, right now, I have spent nearly five months seeing Elena.

We are at an age (58 in my case) where we carry with us experiences and habits that are difficult to change, but with affection, love and hope, we can do it.


More than 25 years
at your service

More than 25 years
at your service

More than 25 years
at your service

Santa Claus has brought me happiness this year. I’ve found the woman of my life thanks to you. I was introduced to Ana and my life has changed.

I’m excited and have a romantic future ahead. We love each other, we are very lucky.


I had no experience with agencies like this, I was a bit skeptical, but what was clear was that finding someone “in the nightlife scene” or on the internet was not for me.

These ways just aren’t for me and after a 4 year relationship and being almost 40, I wanted to meet people but in a different way.


I signed up thanks to a family member who had signed up and defended the method because it can help you avoid surprises.

I was very lucky, the first introduction was the right one (also the first introduction for him).


I am very happy to have met Lydia.

I hope that the relationship will deepen and continue moving forward. Thank you so much for your help.


At SamSara, I found a person like me, “normal”, without fanfare or wanting to be in the spotlight.

I recommend SamSara because they are serious and have a respect for people that I don’t think is shared by other agencies


Although I didn’t find a partner through you, you did two important favors for me: first, you helped me say NO and not go back to my ex (an exhausting and self-destructive relationship).

Second, you primed me emotionally for finding a partner, my current wife, Mireia. Thank you so much for everything.


The best thing I got from Samsara is the man of my life: a great person with whom I share many interests, activities, views, opinions, friends, laughter… Right now we’re planning our wedding!


At age 30 I knew I could still meet someone who I could share a strong relationship and common values with, and I thought it was the right time to find them.

I was interested in the fact that the SamSara staff was made up of psychologists. Also, the location, Diagonal-Aribau, was another aspect in the line of a serious service.


With SamSara, we don’t have to choose our potential candidates or sell ourselves before we meet.

You introduce respectful and like-minded people, which also saves time. Our experience has been very positive, we are very happy.


Thanks to SamSara, we have been happily married for 3 years. Our family has grown, we have a beautiful 18 month old baby who is the delight of his older brother and the whole family.


Marc: If, like me, you think that love is essential to the complete happiness of a person, and you haven’t gotten there yet in the conventional way, I recommend SamSara.

It has worked for me!


After several experiences on websites, I decided to visit SamSara through a friend who knew Maria del Carme Banús.

Your page and your web content seemed realistic.

When I joined I was skeptical, but the selection of compatible people was the key to success.


It’s very difficult to find the right person to start a life together.

he SamSara team has introduced me to a wonderful man, who I am very much in love with and who perfectly complements me.

We are very happy and thinking about getting married this year!


My consultant works on my behalf. The introductions have gone really well.

For my partner and me, it’s as if a mutual friend had introduced us.


Maria del Carme has helped me a lot in the Love Coaching sessions.

Now I know how to better project and show others my strong points..


When someone tells me that they’ve failed on the internet, I always recommend that they call SamSara because it works for me.

Their method of finding a match is serious and effective.


After various failed relationships and somewhat discouraged, I decided to go to Samsara.

I can say that I have finally found a partner, I feel that my life is vibrant again with her in it.


The leading dating agency in Catalonia!



Maria del Carme Banús

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