De single a LP

Are you tired of hearing the melody of life alone?

Want to find the right partner and dance with them to the music of love?

If you are one of those singles who no longer sees any advantage in the single life and wants a satisfying and lasting relationship, this book gives you the keys to get it. An exciting journey to true love, which has its first stop in self-awareness, to detect the limiting factors that have prevented you from finding a partner, and then continues with compatibility, the key to finding the right person. A practical and entertaining read that will inspire the reader looking for a quality relationship.

Maria del Carme Banús &

Montserrat Ribot

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El secreto de la seduccion

How to Woo the Man of Your Dreams

Is seduction a science or simply up to chance? This enticing manual will definitely clear things up.

Its pages are a complete course on the art of seduction: theory, practice, performance tests and even a final exam.
The authors review statements and thoughts on the subject, and conclude that every woman carries within her a goddess whom she must learn to awaken. The most appropriate situations, the coziest places, the topics to discuss, aphrodisiac foods, weapons of mass seduction…

Maria del Carme Banús & Alex Martin
El Aleph

A graduate course in guaranteed irresistibility.

Encuentros en una agencia matrimonial

12 true stories.

The protagonists of these stories of romantic encounters are real. The reader could run into them at the supermarket, at the hairdresser, they could be the head of IT at your company or your bartender.

El secreto de la autoestima

The main idea proposed in The Secret of Self-Esteem is that in life, the good times are for enjoying and the bad ones for learning. From this premise, Antoni Bolinches has put all of his clinical experience and teaching skills into creating a self-help program that, through self-analysis, self-criticism and the development of the reader’s psychological faculties, enables them to increase their confidence to a point that allows them to feel fulfilled and happy, discovering the origin of their insecurities and things they can do to gain confidence in their personal abilities.

El arte de enamorar

The Art of Falling in Love

Simplifying the dynamics of infatuation, we could say that men take initiatives to woo and women adopt attitudes to seduce. The man asks and the woman grants; the man proposes and the woman decides.

Random House Mondadori

Amor al segundo intento

Overcoming Marital Conflict..

Love on the Second Try is not only a guide to overcoming adversity in relationships and facilitating harmonious love, but also a documented clinical and sociological study of all the factors that facilitate and hinder the persistence of love.

It offers a panoramic view of the emotional, relationship and family problems that affect the quality of relationships and proposes guidelines, tips and insights that help set the criteria for good individual choices and proper management of cohabitation.

Antoni Bolinches, Cossetània Edicions

Sexo sabio

Maintaining Sexual Interest with a Long-Term Partner.

A valuable handbook for rekindling eroticism with your partner to make sex a constant path of discovery. Jealousy, infidelity and, above all, routine: three enemies of the monogamous couple when the first fires of amorous passion have passed.


Tú y yo somos seis

100 Reflections to Grow Inside and Relate Better.

You and Me Makes Six is the new book by Antoni Bolinches that, using the basic concepts of Vital Therapy and with friendly and accessible language, shows us how to know ourselves better and to develop our basic capabilities.

Through the hundred reflections that make up the text, the reader will be introduced progressively to the knowledge of the four powers that enable personal improvement: positive attitude, intelligence, kindness and willingness.

Antoni Bolinches, Cossetània Edicions.

Peter Pan puede crecer

Man’s Journey Towards Maturity.

A book for men that all women should read. Peter Pan is an imaginary character, but his profile of the immature young man who doesn’t want to grow up is increasingly present in our society. What are the causes that have led to the proliferation of so many men with a fear of commitment, who refuse to evolve and behave like adults? What can a Peter Pan man do to stop being one?

Antonio Bolinches, Columna Edicions

El cambio psicológico

Psychological Change is inspired by the clinical and methodological principles that the author uses in psychotherapy and shows a clear and systematic way to achieve balance and self-realization through a self-critical review of defense mechanisms.

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La felicidad personal

Happiness is not something that others can give us. Only those who are able to accept and love themselves will be able to create their happiness and share it. This book provides guidelines for an inner transformation that allows you to live your true self, build a harmonious loving relationship, and develop your full potential.

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