I had no experience with agencies like this, I was a bit skeptical, but what was clear was that finding someone “in the nightlife scene” or on the internet was not for me. These ways just aren’t for me and after a 4 year relationship and being almost 40, I wanted to meet people but in a different way.

Determined to try this out, all that was left was to meet personally with SamSara. To do this, I signed up anonymously to a conference-workshop they taught. There, I met Maria del Carme Banús, director of the agency, and saw the books she had written. Well, they certainly seemed to have experience.
Once there, you see how the agency operates, how they serve their clients, how seriously they take their work, confidentiality and the service they offer. In this way they convinced me that my need was a very valid one and that SamSara was worthy of my trust.
Determined to find a partner, I made an appointment and was seen by Natalia. She made me feel encouraged and supported at all times. Everything is done in very good taste, with attention to detail and dedication. Everything came very naturally and realistically, she turned to me without any pressure to make a decision. I had the last word.

After that almost 3 hour long conversation, I clearly understood that I might not find a partner because it is difficult, but I knew that I would meet new people. People in the same situation, with different ages and with very diverse lives, but it was worth a try.

Apart from the introductions they facilitate for you, I continued signing up for the free workshop-courses they teach, because their experience gives you a lot of information, and this is very valuable so you can realize how you’re doing. In addition, everyone goes to the courses, whether they are with the agency or not, and that opens up many possibilities.

The surprise came when one of these workshops changed my life. I left talking to a fellow workshop attendee, and I’ve never been alone since then. Chemistry had done its job…


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